Top 5 Favorite Foundations


Having tried my fair share of foundations, it's safe to say I have some standout favorites!


First up, is my OG holy grail: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I find it's best applied with a damp sponge, working it quickly into the skin because this stuff dries down FAST. I wore this on my wedding day and loooooved it.


For the quickest makeup of my life, I reach for this bad boy. Lancome is particularly great with their shade range so I find this particular color blends seamlessly into my skin making it super easy to swipe it on, blend, and go (and pray I'm not late for class)!



If my skin is having a hard time, I will add in a little bit of Clinique Acne Solutions to whatever foundation I'm wearing. I find this on its own to be a bit too drying so I usually mix it with any of my dewy, more hydrating foundations and its flawlessssss while treating some of my more pesky bumps.


A more recent addition, this foundation is my go to currently. It gives great coverage, without looking thick, doesn't dry me out or settle into my smile lines nearly as much as others! 



For those looking for a more affordable option, both the pro glow and pro matte versions of this foundation come 100% backed by me!! I find a combo of the two works best for my combo skin (imagine that 😉), but if you lean more towards one end or the other of the oily/dry spectrum than either of these are a safe bet on their own!

Aaaand in the quest to find more affordable foundation favs, I picked up these two foundations (Healthy Elixir & Dream Cushion) this week and will be giving them a go! I'll update y'all on how they work for me soon!

If you have any foundation favorites be sure to comment them below so I can try them too!!!


Love, Kendall

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