Apartment Living

Living in a basement apartment has its challenges, but we've (aka us and my awesome parents) made it work. We've recently made a few adjustments to our space after sitting down and talking about what we could do to make our lives happier. I wish I had taken before pics but for now here are some after pics!


Our closet space is rather cramped and we would often avoid it, leading to lots of clothes never being hung up and lots of not wearing enough of our actually cute clothes 😂 We decided we'd instead like to have a clothes rack in our bedroom. We priced out what it would take to make a sweet industrial looking clothes rack aaaand its very expensive. So we went with this one from Wayfair instead which looks cool and is definitely more budget friendly. 



Our next adventure is to better utilize a nook in our kitchen and clean out our laundry room/utility closet! Maybe next time I'll remember to take some before pics! If y'all have any advice on how to snazz up a basement apartment be sure to let me know!

Love, Kendall