Where This Curvy Girl Shops

As a woman of curve, I am a firm believer in loving yo'self and being motivated by that love to make healthy choices. I think health also looks like different things for different people but encompasses physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health! A big part of my health is retail therapy 😂 but really. I like to shop. I like to shop for me, for my husband, for anyone and everything. So here's a roundup of where I find the best clothes for my body and my taste! For reference, I am a size L/XL in tops and a 14 in jeans and dresses.

DRESSES: I find most of my dresses at ASOS! They've got a great selection of all different sizes and fits for somewhat reasonable prices. There are also rare times I find pieces of art in dresses from Free People (usually on clearance at a department store or local boutique). Also, I can't live without my Spanx. If you're thinking about investing in some DOOO IT. Only get the actual brand Spanx and only get the full body kind - the other kinds roll down and aren't nearly as comfortable. The legit ones are #worthit.


BASICS: For work, I wear all black. My fav black "professional" pants are the Pixie Pant from Old Navy and lately I've been digging these that I also picked up from ON. As for black tops, I go for black tees from American Eagle or occasionally Target.


JEANS: American Eagle jeans are always my go to. I know my size and I check the material content on my fav pairs and try to match the percentages of those as closely as possible when buying other pairs. The selection of AE jeans online (as well as the deals) far surpass that in store so I always order online from them. 


TRENDY/SEASONAL PIECES: The BEST place to look for trendy, super affordable, not terrible Forever 21 quality pieces is boohoo. They 100% run true to size, which I love. Check the fabric contents on some of the pieces if you're a bit picky like me. I love their T-Shirt and blouse selections in particular AND I can also find awesome deals on cute items for Mitch too! 

If y'all have any go to places to find your wardrobe let me know!!

Love, Kendall