6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months of Marriage (Plus I Share Non-Instagram Worthy Photos 😱)


Although it’s technically now been 7 months, 6 months of marriage made for a better title 😉

On to the lessons!!

  1. My husband freakin rocks 



My man will seriously do whatever it takes to make all my dreams comes true. For instance, just this week he made me a backdrop to take better product/floral arrangement pictures in front of, did all the dishes (which he does way more than me 😂) and cuddled me until I fell asleep every single night.

2. Go to bed mad.


The night of my bachelorette party (shoutout to my girl Michaila for planning one of the best!) we strolled the streets doing different scavenger hunt type dares. One was to ask someone for marriage advice and the wisdom I was bestowed was “People say, ‘Never go to bed mad’ but that’s bull. Go to bed mad!! You’ll wake up and it won’t be as big of a deal as you thought it was.” OMG THIS IS THE TRUEST OF ALL TRUTHS. I am a person who has all anxieties from all aspects of my life rain down on me in torrential amounts just as I am trying to fall asleep. I am also a person who, being raised by my mother, believes in openly communicating your feelings. Torrential downpour of Kendall fears and the need to express them all is not a happy situation. Just ask Mitch 😂 I am starting to learn to just go to bed and reevaluate things in the morning and it’s made a world of difference.

3. Self- care is important


My own self-care has always been something my momma emphasized. She taught me that my desire to wear cute clothes, learn pretty makeup, and go to Zumba was never to attract a man, but instead a way to enjoy life and enjoy myself more! Honestly, when we first got married (and even a little bit now) I lost that. I’m working on appreciating more of those times for myself and not for the compliments from my babe. Self-care is also suuuuuuper important for Mitch. Encouraging him when he wants to go to the gym or go on a run or go snowboarding (even when I want him to cuddle and watch Netflix with me instead) helps him be an all around happier person and I, in turn, am also happier. It’s really a #winwin. 

4. If your spouse is upset or having a bad day, it’s not (necessarily) because of you


Mitch and I are both RATHER perfectionistic so when something is wrong we tend to want to fix it. Our perfectionism is different in the fact that when he’s upset I always assume it’s because of me - because I did something wrong or didn’t do something I should have - buuuut it’s 9.5/10 times not to do with me at all! In this same vein of conversation, communication skills have been something I’ve always prided myself in. Let me tell you I stink at it in our marriage 😂 So ultimately I would say I am trying to remember not to read Mitch’s mind and not expect him to read mine either! It’s a work in progress for sure!

5. Be in the Moment (This comes from our guest author of the day: Miiiiiitch)


I’ll be the first to admit that I do NOT know how to relax; I feel there is always something more productive I need to do. I’ll also be the first to admit that Kendall HATES that I can’t relax. There is a rare moment when she ropes me into relaxing and I just end up thinking of more efficient ways that I can relax. Eventually this leads to me getting off the couch to measure our windows for new blinds.

I have an amazing life with a kickass wife and I’m starting to see that being present for the little moments is what actually makes us happy in life. At the end of the day, better painted cabinets won’t be the memories that I get to hang on forever. With both Kendall and I working full time, going to school full time, and working to start a small business, it seems like we are either buried in homework, lost in our screens, or dead asleep. Kendall has helped me realize that I the more I obsess with getting everything done, the harder it is to actually get anything done.

6. Marriage is HARD, but oh so worth it

It’s worth it for so many reasons! The constant friend, dream supporter, motivator to do better and be better. Always feeling safe, loved, and like the you’re the most hilarious person on earth are just a few of those reasons! But mostly it sure as hell beats being single 😂 no really, it’s amazing and I love it but life is still life and days still suck but at least I get to do it all with the love of my life 🙌🏼💕

If any of y'all have some marriage advice or better yet, date night ideas (!!!) send them my way in the comments!! 

Love, Kendall