About Me

Although I always feel like I’m making an online dating profile writing an “About Me” page, I do feel an obligation to introduce myself.

I am a married, full time college student, teaching assistant for BYU Floral Design, It Cosmetics Makeup Artist, future flower shop owner, entrepreneurial spirited girl, with the goal of beautifying, while simplifying your life (and hopefully my own along the way).

For my high school student council speech, I said, “Hi! My name is Kendall. My favorite color is orange, I think latin men are sexy, I like talking in a fake British accent, but most of all I like you!” That last part said in the aforementioned fake British accent.

Today, my favorite color is varying shades of teal, I think my husband is the sexiest man on Earth, I like talking with just the right amount of sass, but most of all I really do like you! 

If you like me too and wanna see just what I have to offer YOU, check out more here!


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